I Don’t Roll Like That

If you wanna settle down like the butterfly and the bee
Then you gotta make those plans without bumblin’ me
If you want a picket fence and a garden out back
Then you gotta understand I don’t roll like that

The sun’s out shining bright and there’s a gentle wind
The song of the bird’s calling out to who cares that it’s spring again
If you insist on spoiling the hour and having this chat
Then I gotta make it clear that I don’t roll like that

I can’t stand staying still, I can’t bear cloudy days
If all roads lead to Rome, I’ll make it on the way
I ain’t promised you a thing, don’t let me hear you say
On a day, on a day, on a day like today

Pretty young couple steppin’ outta the church just fit to burst
If you see me wearing them shoes then prepare to be hurt
If you want to have, hold, love and depend then get a cat
Cuz you gotta understand I don’t roll like that