April 17th, 2015

Baudelaire in the News

By Bart J Helms

Lyndsy and I talked to EA Poorman for the Fort Wayne Reader about recording and writing.

Tell me a little about the songwriting process in The End Times Spasm Band. Does someone come up with a riff or melody and you all get together to hammer it out in rehearsal? Who handles lyrics? Where do your lyric ideas come from?

Bart Helms: The inspiration for my lyrics tend to come from what I read, which can be anything from poetry or a book on the history of mathematics.

Lyndsy Rae: It’s totally the same for me. Whether it’s a book you’re reading or an artwork your seeing – if it’s a vulnerable day, it turns itself into a song. Writing “Baudelaire,” I was lacking adjectives. They don’t surface naturally in another language. I was looking at an art book by Bacon, with a lot of exposed bones and rib cages, and I tried to visualize that.

Bart Helms: To write End Timesy material, we both benefit from setting ridiculous songwriting challenges. I think this year one of the rules is no more love songs because those made up two-thirds of our Nosferatu score.

Lyndsy Rae: We both subscribe to being a scholar. We need deadlines. We were in college too long.

He also includes a nice spiel on why the Squirrel Nut Zippers are important to him, which we’ll heartily sign.

Elsewhere, Evan Gillespie wrote a review of the EP for Whatzup.


May 21st, 2012

Review in Significato

By Bart J Helms

Kimmy Sophia Brown has reviewed a number of acts from Belfast Maine’s Free Range Music Festival. Including us:

Lyndsy was quite the fireball and quipped, “We insist that you have a good time”.  She reminded me of a young Shirley Maclaine – dimples and fire, with a joyful mime-meets-flapper dancing style. Her body responded to each note of music like an enchanted marionette, as she played the washboard and belted out songs with Ethel Merman’s power and Edith Piaf’s charm. As a matter of fact they played a version of “La Vie En Rose”, and other old tunes such as, “Everybody Loves My Baby”. There was also a sampling of their unforgettable originals like the electrifying, caffeine-saturated tune, “Black Coffee”.

I didn’t want to look away for a second for any reason because Lyndsy was a constant source of delight. I loved the sense of inner liberation that she conveyed, which allowed her to involve herself in the music with such wholeheartedness. Two toddler girls were dancing a few feet from the stage and she smiled and encouraged them to dance too. Of course, they became silly with shyness as soon as they saw her peeking at them from behind the microphone. It was very dear.

Read more of “Flocks of Melodious Songbirds at the Belfast Free Range Music Festival

It was a fun weekend of new music. So do check out the other links. It looks like Brown missed The What Cheer? Brigade who were one of our favorites.

May 14th, 2012

End Times on The Music Moms

By Bart J Helms

The Music Moms’ Ken had a few nice things to say about us.

While Squirrel Nut Zippers were the cool older brother that listened to The Who and Zeppelin, The End Times Spasm Band are the punky little sister that prefers the Ramones and The Clash. Led by singer Lyndsy Rae, The End Times Spasm Band craft a unique blend of 1920s blues and New Orleans Jazz. Her personality and free spirit gushes out of the songs, making it nearly impossible to stand still while listening. It’s a throwback that fits in perfectly with the new wave of folk and bluegrass coming out today.

Read more of “Band to Watch – The End Times Spasm Band.”

Thank you, Ken!

April 15th, 2012

Review: End Times at The Mill, Iowa City

By Bart J Helms

Heather McKeag very kindly reviewed our show at Iowa City’s The Mill earlier this month. She included a video of us playing “My Dear So-And-So” and “Medea.”

And our cover of Edif Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose.”

Read “Show Review: The End Times Spasm Band”.

February 8th, 2011

Our Home Scene in the News

By Bart

Fort Wayne, our hometown, has long been the home of a vibrant and varied music scene. Out of nowhere, D. A. Fisher, an outsider from Brooklyn, was handed boxes full of homegrown discs by a coworker. We’re thankful to have a passing mention alongside the many truly great songwriters and performers named. Read his take on our scene’s history on The Reader’s site here.

March 5th, 2010

Whatzup Interview and Review

By Bart

Deborah Kennedy interviewed us for this week’s Whatzup. You can read it online here. There’s also a CD review for #2 by Mark Turney, over here.