March 19th, 2015

Announcing Baudelaire – a New EP – and a Few Local Shows

By Bart J Helms

You’ve probably seen the announcement on social media by now, but just in case…

We’ve finally announced a release date for Baudelaire – our third official release. Featuring Ryan and Andy on bass and drums, we recorded it last winter with Josh Estock at the board (and digging out the sweetest, most natural sounding mic for Lyndsy’s vocals).

A giant thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered.

Baudelaire Release Shows

April 11 – The Brass Rail (Fort Wayne, IN)

May 9 – CS3 (Fort Wayne, IN)

June 6 – The Phoenix (Fort Wayne, IN)

When we agreed to compose Nosferatu for the Cinema Center a year ago, we put the release on hold. It wasn’t entirely intentional or voluntary as we hadn’t given up on finding a way to tour to support the album. I’m still up in the air over whether that was a mistake, personally, but as a consequence, we’re learning to balance our current project with thinking about what to do next. Next in the immediate future are the trio of shows, our first regular old bar gigs in a long time.

After that, we’ll have another announcement – maybe oh maybe – hope of hopes – about how we plan to release music a little quicker than once every four years in the next couple of years. For now, we hope you enjoy the six songs. We may have a little write-up on each in the next few weeks.

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