October 18th, 2014

Seven Months, One Night

By Bart J Helms

It’s only a little self-deprecating when I’ve described our Nosferatu undertaking as madness. We started sketching our song themes and goals seven months ago, and it was only a few days ago now when we hit the print button. Fourteen full songs, mixed and matched over thirty-one charts, leaving behind a leaf-pile of unfinished words and melodies – one of which Lyndsy informed me just yesterday might make it into score. All of it leading toward one performance – six days away, as of today.

If you’re interested in the process, you can find some of the demos at Deadline Riot. Many of you are aware that Lyndsy and I undertook the resolution to write one song every week this year. Nosferatu was a boon in that it gave us direction and a checklist.

Seven months of writing, but it was only this past week that we heard these melodies given life by our rag tag orchestra. Next rehearsal, we may grab video or audio of the group as a sneak peak.

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