December 11th, 2012

10 Years of Creative Commons

By Bart J Helms

This month marks the tenth anniversary for the Creative Commons license and their push for standarization of language and legal defensibility in open content licenses. Having previously scrawled copyleft messages in work for years, I made the switch to CC shortly after the EFF’s endorsement and continue to use CC licenses with my compositions.

You can read stories from the past ten years at the CC site, which they’ll be updating all week.

Writing music that is informed by 100 years of tradition, an open license just seems obvious to me. Jazz would have gone nowhere without the decades of inventive composers, arrangers, and soloists who ripped apart standards and sewed the pieces together into new works of art. When an artist releases a creative work to the public, they are saying “I want this work to affect people” or “I want this work to become a part of other peoples’ lives.” When I use a CC license, I view it a promise that I won’t try to claim a right over peoples’ experiences and interpretations.

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