March 19th, 2012

Lyndsy and Bart Interviewed by the Savannah Morning News

By Bart J Helms

Lyndsy and Bart were interviewed by Jason Kendall for The Savannah Morning News

On making music in the ‘End Times’

Lyndsy: “Bart chose the name, and I personally loved it because I obsess over the end. I find it to be the most beautiful of all things. I am a huge fan of Nosforatu or Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” for that very reason. The Count states that us humans are allowed to find beauty and romanticize things like sunsets and such because we are not going to see millions of them forever. The “End Times” have been twisting tongues since the beginning of time, and we wanted to take our stab at it.”

Bart: “I’m not a believer, but I enjoy learning about mystery cults and secret societies. The idea of an end to history has always intrigued me. These kinds of beliefs reveal a lot about what people think it means to be human, to live within a society. I wanted a band name with a bit of mystery to it, so that’s what I reached for.”

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