September 13th, 2011

An Interview with Lyndsy in the Dayton City Paper

By Bart

Lyndsy was interviewed by Kyle Melton of the Dayton City Paper.

How did the End Time Spasm Band come together? When was that?
In 2008 is when I met [bassist] Zach Wright and [guitarist] Bart Helms. We were at a party and they had their instruments out and were just playing for fun, therefore I sat down and started singing with them just for fun. As the night got later, and the party and music got louder, little underage me heard the “POLICE!” were on their way to bust up the fun. We were too loud, they said. So I tossed the stand up bass player my phone number and said, “Call me if you want to play sometime but I got to run.” Eric Stuckey, our drummer, was an addition to the band about a year into us being End Times Spasm Band. Three people were supposed to audition, he was the first and when he auditioned we knew he was the one we wanted. Zach and Bart were previously in country bands together way before End Times Spasm Band.

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