September 23rd, 2009

T-shirt Ideas

By Bart

Folks, we’re getting to work on designing and printing t-shirts, and we’d like you to know we’re looking for ideas from YOU, our loyal listeners. If you have a favorite lyric or song or an image that comes to mind when you hear us, let us know through comments here!

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  • zach

    how about to start with we could just have the banner on the top of the website up around the chest and a picture of my face under it.

  • Mike

    I would wear it. That sounds beautiful.

  • Brian

    Favorite song off of 2 is ” I don’t roll like that” – I think a play on words and graphics would be fun.

  • T-Shirt Guy

    What ever happen to this? I wanna be a roving billboard and typically I’m against this.