August 24th, 2009


By Bart

A few songs before the debut of “Wake Up Bix” last week, we played another song live for the first time: “Medea.” Here’s a video that explains the first verse:

Peter Ward’s TEDTalk on mass extinctions:

Why write songs about extinction events? The only things I can think of that are more dramatic than that are star formation and star death. Like a good creation myth, the oxygen catastrophe is a story of why we’re here and why there’s suffering in the world.

For how the third verse ties in, I recommend you look up the Lars von Trier film Medea over any starring Tyler Perry.

A long long time before you were even here
Before your ancestors landed on these shores
The whole world suffocated on something in the air
But it overtook them so slowly they kept on making more
There were green things and brown things growing endlessly
Spilling out their toxins into air and into sea
Every word I’m telling you is true
So please believe me when I say that all of this created you

You can’t divide everything without leaving a remainder
You can’t boil cabbage without splitting a few heads
There’s just so much that you can wrap around your brain, dear
So few hours we aren’t asleep inside our beds
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re the precipitate
Even if you swear to change, the hour’s growing late
Every word I’m telling you is true
So please believe me when I say that this applies you

In ancient Greece there was a man who had a golden fleece
He had a wife and kids but decided to send them back
The first wife she wept and wailed and couldn’t find no peace
For revenge she took her kids aside for a fade to black
The people speak in horror of this woman going mad
But deep inside each one of us is a Medea who’s been had
Every word I’m telling you is true
So believe me when I say that this could happen to you

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